About QLS Awards

Queensland Law Society’s Legal Profession Awards shine a light on the exemplary efforts of Queensland’s legal professionals. They provide the opportunity for outstanding solicitors, teams and organisations to showcase their ingenuity and contribution to both the legal profession and the broader community. The awards highlight our steadfast support of good law, good lawyers, for the public good.

This year, our award season is starting earlier and with the addition of two new awards. One that recognises those who work to prevent domestic violence in Queensland and one to acknowledge our outstanding Accredited Specialists.

Applications are again accepted only via this online platform, which allows us to conduct a full review of every nomination before judging. Each nomination will go through a detailed and independent review to assess merit, ensure the nomination form has been completed correctly, and that each submission clearly meets the strict criteria and guidelines of our awards.

Awards open for nomination

The award recognises the outstanding contribution, commitment and professionalism of an Accredited Specialist in the Queensland legal profession.

Nominees should be Accredited Specialists who have demonstrated a commitment to the QLS community of Accredited Specialists through leadership, education, promotion and awareness of the Specialist Accreditation brand.

The award will be open to those whose accreditation is aligned with the speciality areas of accreditation for that year. In 2019, the areas of accreditation are (and open to Accredited Specialists in the areas of):

  • Family Law
  • Succession Law
  • Property Law
  • Taxation Law

The Outstanding Accredited Specialist Award will be presented to the winner on Thursday, 12 December at Brisbane City Hall during the Specialist Accreditation Christmas Breakfast with the Chief Justice (if a regional member wins the award, the winner will receive the award at their closest Specialist Accreditation regional breakfast).

Nominations for the award will close on Monday 21 October at 9am.


This award recognises and rewards outstanding activities in the prevention of domestic violence in Queensland. The award recognises the contribution, commitment and professionalism of an individual in the Queensland legal profession who has worked in this space.

The award encourages those who have a demonstrated commitment to addressing domestic violence and advocated for change within workplaces, through fundraising, academia, the legal and/or social systems.

To nominate an individual, complete each award criteria below. In 500 words or less, demonstrate how the nominee has met the criteria outlined.

Nominations are now closed and the inaugural winner will be announced at the Legal Profession Breakfast on Thursday 14 November.