Welcome to the 2021 NECA Western Australia Apprentice Awards

About the Apprentice Awards

NECA has led the industry's apprentice awards for over three decades, and we will continue to work to achieve an ever-increasing level of awareness and respect for electrical and communications apprentices and their employers. 

NECA recognises the essential role that our apprentices play in the future of our industry.  The Apprentice Awards showcase the outstanding contribution an apprentice can make to both the projects they work on and to their employer's or host's business.  The awards also acknowledge achievement in personal development, effort, academic attainment and workplace competency.


Applicants must be in their fourth year or recently completed their apprenticeship (within 12 months from the completion date). During their apprenticeship, they must have been employed by a NECA member or a NECA group training apprentice company. 

Applicants may only enter one category and must not have been previously nominated.

How to nominate

All entries must be entered and completed on-line.

  1. Create your very own 'User Log-In' account.
    Note: Please create a new account for this year's awards. Accounts created from previous years are closed.
  2. Choose your state
  3. Submit your entry

The criteria for 4th Year categories can be downloaded here

Apprentices may be nominated in the following categories:

  • 1st Year (WA only)
  • 2nd Year (WA only)
  • 3rd Year (WA only)
  • 4th Year Industrial
  • 4th Year Commercial / Domestic
  • 4th Year Communications

Please contact your state office for the closing date of applications. 



Applicants will initially be assessed at a state level, with finalists being invited to an interview with a judging panel. State winners and any placegetters will be invited to collect their award at a state awards function, along with their employers who will also receive a certificate. State winners from each category will then be invited to submit a project to be judged for the NECA National Apprentice Awards.  

National (4th Year categories only)

Each state winner will be forwarded application details mid-September regarding the project they will be required to submit. A short list of finalists from each category will then be selected to attend a formal interview to be conducted in Canberra over 18/19 November. 

Winners for each category will be selected at this final stage interview, with winners and placegetters receiving their award at NECA's National Excellence Awards on 19 November, in Canberra. Monetary prizes will be awarded.

Key dates

Closing Dates for Submissions

Please contact your state chapter office for the closing date of applications.

NECA Excellence Awards - event dates:
Western Australia 25 June (Dinner)
Victoria 27 August (Dinner)
Tasmania 14 August (Dinner)
Australian Capital Territory 6 August (Dinner)
Queensland 20 August (Lunch)
New South Wales 10 September (Lunch)
South Australia 10 September (Dinner)
National 18 November (Dinner) – Canberra

Information collected by the National Electrical and Communications Association is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 and NECA's privacy Policy.  Information collected from the submissions is for the purpose of obtaining details to assist NECA in the award judging process and Awards multimedia presentation material and will not be disclosed to a third party, except where prior written permission is obtained from the individual who supplied the information and to whom the information related.NECA will not retain personal information that is sensitive information.  Please contact NECA if you wish to access or correct personal information collected or if you have any queries in regard to information handling procedures.

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